eye of the falcon

who: israeli artist and musician ofer ben zvi
when: saturday 6th october - saturday 3rd november
private view: sunday 7th october 5pm - 7pm
with live music by the artist. all welcome

ofer creates bold paintings and collages with a surrealist atmosphere and his work has been influenced by dali, picasso, miro, alfons mucha and maurits escher. he’s interested in american indian art and uses many of its patterns and sharp shades and colour combinations
spending his childhood in a kibbutz, ofer had the opportunity to study local birds, reptiles and animals, and this interest emerges in his art. his keen perception brings out both their inherent power and their symbolic and spiritual resonances. he says: "as a child i was especially drawn to predators like the falcon. i dreamed of becoming a falcon - their apparent suspension in time seemed to me almost spiritual"
as a talented musician who sings, performs and plays many different instruments, ofer is also interested in the different experiences of creativity in music and the visual arts. he will perform at the private view