who: charlotte campbell & denise hickey
when: saturday 12th january - monday 28th january 2008
private view: sunday 13th january 6.30pm – 8.30pm. all are welcome at this free event
artists. using very different languages, the artists examine the notions of passing time, beauty and decay

for charlotte campbell, this new series of work concentrates on what the eye cannot see, an in-depth and personal account of the changes in nature, the secret life of nature. charlotte is fascinated with the ideas of mother nature from the growing trees to the smallest flower that ever blossomed. she uses photography as a way of being heard and believes everything deserves to have its say

denise hickey's work is awkwardly assembled and goes through a series of seemingly random but repetitive actions including dip-dyeing, bleaching, sewing, folding and tearing. her work is concerned with exploring the relationship between intangible notions like memory, love, loss, beauty, solitude and fear and physical objects. what drives denise's work is the idea that anything beautiful is ultimately temporary. she believes, and plays with, the notion that a shadow of a personal experience can still be recognised when looking at a physical object once used and cherished by someone